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Life Policies:

     Term - Coverage for a set amount of time (10, 15, 20 years) and a premium that doesn't change. No Cash
​     Value accumulation.  

     Laddering several policies to have the right coverage at the right time may achieve your needs.

     Permanent - Coverage, time and premium may change based on your needs.  
     Cash value with uninterrupted compound interest may accumulate and may be used tax free
​     without age restrictions.
     Coverage may last until age 121.


Disability Policies:

     Your most valuable asset is your income.  With a customized disability income insurance policy, a portion of
​     your income can be replaced if you become disable.  Flexible elimination period, length of coverage, and
​     coverage amount to fit your needs.
​     Individual or Multi-Life Guaranteed Standard Issue available.

Retirement Plans:

     We offer products that are an alternative to Roth IRA's.  They offer some of the tax features of a Roth IRA and
​     also offer additional benefits, i.e., no income limitations or age restrictive withdrawals.

401k Plans: 

     Not all providers can say they will provide diverse, extensive investment portfolios, full-service or
​     investment-only service platforms, enrollment and education support, ongoing monitoring, communication
​     regarding legislative and regulatory updates, and an annual plan review.  We can and we do.  And more.  We
​     work with a company with over 70 years in the retirement field.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap): 

Original Medicare (part A & B) does not pay for all health care services and supplies.  Medicare supplement insurance policies can help pay copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.  
We offer Plan A, N, G and F.  Plans do not differ from carrier to carrier, just the premiums differ.
Find out what situations provide these plans with out medical questions.

Prescription Plans: 

Original Medicare (part A & B) does not pay for prescriptions.  There is a plan for you, based on your prescriptions. Every year your prescriptions should be checked against your plan.